Donor Recognition Wall Info

Donor Recognition Walls with Art

We realize you have many choices in donor recognition companies and we promise to bring all the experience, skills, solutions and creativity honed since 1993, to your project.  Our goal is to make sure your recognition is one that you are proud to show your donors and your donors feel proud they invested in your mission.

As a family business, we have elected not to hire outside salespeople, enabling us to provide our customers with more for their money. RecognitionArt utilizes Skype, Internet and next day delivery to be in contact with you, eliminating the need to pay high commission rates to outside sales people. Should a project be large or complex in scope, a partner or designer will visit your site.

We have felt for years that donor recognition was too often a list of metal names on a wall…sort of like a bowling trophy, not very inspiring. Since our beginning in 1993, we have been proud of our involvement in featuring displays designed using art as a central theme and a compelling reason to view the display.