Donor Recognition Wall Info

Donor Recognition Walls with Art

In a world with hundreds of options for donor recognition at the click of a button, it can be overwhelming to try and find a company that meets your budget, let alone a business that goes above and beyond to "wow" you. But here at RecognitionArt, that's at the core of our DNA. We want you to be proud every time you walk past your display, and our goal is to make sure your donors feel honored and overjoyed with your mission.

As a family owned business established in 1993, we have elected not to hire outside salespeople, enabling us to provide our customers with more for their money. We have felt for years that donor recognition is far too often a list of names engraved on metal pasted on a wall, which, quite frankly, is not very inspiring. Since day one, RecognitionArt has been committed to featuring displays designed using art as a central theme and a compelling reason to view the display. We bring to life cost effective, compelling displays for every conceivable type of not-for-profit with the overriding factors being value and artistic components.