Changeable Display Systems

RecognitionArt’s Changeable Recognition and Information Displays will revolutionize your communication and donor recognition with one system that gives you the freedom to change components in seconds in any size, shape or color palate.

Easy to install—and expands as your needs change

  • Allows you to masterfully recognize your donors in a way that will draw people in for a closer look
  • Ingeniously allows you to change donor wall, names, text, and photos in minutes by either printing everything in house, or using RecognitionArt’s message panels.
  • Highlights your story, history, art and mission in a dynamic and compelling way
  • Changing the photos as often as you wish will captivate and delight viewers causing them to return frequently to see what is new
  • Showcasing rotating quotes from your donors as to why they have given, creates emotion within the display
  • Brings attention to your hardworking trustees, volunteers and staff
  • Planned giving can be explained in a couple of simple paragraphs as well as using several motivational philanthropic quotes