ExpressionArt© Fundraising Tiles, Murals & Donor Wall Art

ExpressionArt© is one of our most exciting products because it allows your donors to become personally involved in creating their own hand-made wall art or fundraising piece.

Donors can create artwork, artistic signatures or messages on a imprinted form which becomes the basis for the overall design of the murals. Corporate logos for sponsor walls can also be used.

Donor recognition ExpressionArt© is digitized and processed directly onto a ceramic tile using a patented technique for a personalized, one-of-a-kind donation wall/or gift. The fundraising tiles as colorful and true-to-life as your donor’s original and features a satin finish. The color pallet used for these customized murals can be previously selected by you, or limited only to your donors’ imagination!

Create a one of a kind mural featuring your logo or art relevant to your organization.  Ask us about the myriad of opportunities awaiting you.


Our ExpressionArt© Tiles, Murals & Donation Wall Art Gallery