Custom Donor Wall

If you need a custom donor wall or recognition display contact RecognitionArt to have our team create custom donor wall recognition displays. We will create, artful, emotional inspiring recognition walls for volunteers, contributors and people who need to be honored for their gifts and kindness.

At RecognitionArt, our goal is to elicit a positive emotional reaction from your supporters and to connect your display to their hearts, visually linking their donations to the positive work you do. Your identity is important to the work you do. RecognitionArt treats every client as the individual they are when producing a custom designed donor wall. We want all viewers to come away with inspiration after seeing your display.

Your custom donor wall should be more than a list of names.Viewers should walk away with a desire to know more about your organization and become involved. RecognitionArt has been designing donor walls that elicit positive reactions for over 25 years. We work closely with our organization to make sure your recognition display clearly states who you are and what you are about.  

We design your donor wall with these important steps in mind:

  1. Space – Location or wall and use of space to maximize your display.
  2. Branding – What your organization’s mission and vision is and how your donors contributed.
  3. Art – Visually appealing, motivational and impressive. We will make your donor wall a work of art to be remembered.

Contact RecognitionArt, for your donor wall design. We create recognition displays that not only thank and speak to donors but are works of art that will inspire future donations.