When it’s time to say thank you to your donor and sponsors, do it in the most creative way. Artfully decorated donor walls,  is what RecognitionArt is all about. We help you create works of art that honor your donors and sponsors. Beautiful creations that get admired for their aesthetic value as well as for the selfless people who donate.

What better way to inspire people to want to know more about what your organization does and how they can help. Inspiration, thought provoking, and allure is what your donor wall should announce to draw people in to look. Of course your main object is the value of your donors. Showing love in an artfully crafted way conveys how much you really appreciate their contributions and how much you care about them as members of your organization. Your donor wall should say more than thank you – it should tell your donors that you put in time and energy to make sure they know how grateful you are.

RecognitionArt’s Artistic Value When It’s Time to Say “Thank You”

RecognitionArt is committed to ensuring that your donor display beautifully represents your organization using various forms of art. Our designs are one-of-a-kind and we truly care about your success. Our displays are known for their art and text used to ensure a compelling reason to view the piece and to inspire giving throughout its longevity.

With a high retention rate of clients, RecognitionArt is considered one of the premier donor recognition companies in the country. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you design an artful and beautiful donor wall. Contat us at 941-922-1272