Properly honoring your donors can be a daunting task; there are so many possibilities, options and ideas. There are also many primary and secondary goals to consider. Oh, and let’s not forget the challenge of creativity, beauty, inspiration, and the donor’s names crafted in a way that will “make their hearts beat faster and their wallets open more” when they look at the display!

We are here to help you through every single step of the process or as often as you want us to be. Being in business over a quarter of a century we’ve learned and experienced just about everything there is to know about donor recognition. Much of that knowledge we have included in this section for you to use to help ensure your project’s success: it’s your Compendium of Knowledge.

When you partner with us, we will help you turn a daunting task into a fun, organized, creative process!

Compendium of Knowledge

The following four areas have information that may possibly make your project much more successful. It is years of “in the trenches knowledge,” questions to target your thinking and ideas to ponder.  It will only take you a minute or so to read:

1. RecognitionMap© is the first important form you may use. This is a detailed, organizational questionnaire designed to make you think about many areas and components of your recognition project. Its help is invaluable in getting your creative juices flowing and to laser focus your goals and ideas. When you have completed this form, you have the option to send a copy to RecognitionArt or to remain totally confidential to you and those with whom you choose to share it. Sharing with us will allow us to provide you with additional insights and suggestions for your specific needs.

2.  “Donor Details”© is a compendium of thoughts, ideas, and suggestions to guide you through the donor recognition process or if you are experienced with donor recognition, perhaps give you a few new ones. Using over 100 years of combined experience in donor recognition, we have designed this guide to include methods and time proven techniques to help you save time and achieve your recognition goals more efficiently and successfully than ever before.

3. Our Free Design Service. Once we discuss the details of your project and have incorporated the information in the RecognitionMap© (if you completed one) into your dossier, RecognitionArt will provide a design concept based on your needs regarding the nuts and bolts – the number of donors, giving level, type of display and the creative direction that you would like to see.  These are not stock designs, rather a personal design concept specific for your organization.

4. Experience in Raising Money: Our Principles have over 25 years in the recognition business. More important they also have experience in raising money for not-for-profits. Yes, they have been in the trenches just where you and your fundraising team have been and will be. Over the years they served, as trustees on seven not-for-profit’s such as: symphonies, zoos, children’s museum, private schools, science centers, etc. They assisted in capital campaigns ranging from $2 ½ -$160 million bringing in successful gifts. This gives our company a unique perspective of creating recognition displays from the point of view of both the donor and the organization.

You have utilized the tools in the Compendium of Knowledge and your recognition blueprint has begun to take shape. Now the fun part begins!

When you choose RecognitionArt with your goals clearly in mind and professionals guiding your way, you will see the evolution of this process and your vision successfully come to life.